Diane Mulholland

Diane grew up in country Australia and developed a natural love for an active, outdoors existance. In 2006 she left her work as a schoolteacher and moved to London, but the change from that active lifestyle to a sedentary editing job was disastrous for her hypermobile body.

Returning to Pilates to deal with back and shoulder pain from old injuries and that year in a desk chair, Diane realised what she was missing and quit editing to retrain as a Pilates Instructor - coming full circle from her classroom days. She went on to complete specialisations in Lower Back Pain and Scoliosis and now helps her clients achieve the same transformation: from a life of stiffness and pain to one of strength and ease of movement.

Diane is passionate about helping her clients develop movement independence. A Pilates session isn't about spending an hour burning a certain number of calories; learning new and better ways to move goes beyond the studio and it is always her goal to be able to 'graduate' you from the program so that you can get on with life!

Fully certified Pilates Matwork and Studio Equipment
Level 4 Specialist Teacher - Exercise for Lower Back Pain
Authorized ScolioPilates™ Expert
Pre- and Post-natal Pilates
Pilates for Bone Health certified