Pilates for Back Pain

We start with safe, gentle exercises to strengthen and balance the stability muscles around the spine, then gradually increase the challenge and range of movement. As you gain strength and awareness you will move more freely and functionally and the imbalances that cause your pain are kept under control.

Pilates for Injury Recovery and Prevention

Low-impact, specifically targeted exercises get you moving again and address imbalances in the muscles around the affected joints. Ongoing strength training works to get you back to your full potential or better, and prevents further injuries occuring.

Pilates for Scoliosis

Traditionally, treatment for scoliosis involves bracing or surgery, or simply monitoring the condition if it is not serious. However exercise has been found to be very effective, both in relieving pain and other symptoms, and also delaying, stopping, or even sometimes reversing the progress of the curves. Specific techniques using the ScolioPilates™ method are used to elongate and strengthen the spine in a more neutral position.

Pilates for Pregnancy

As your body changes, strengthening and balancing your pelvic and core muscles will support the growing baby and keep your whole body feeling strong and stable. Maintaining mobility keeps you energised, reduces the risk of developing aches and pains in the lower back and joints, and helps you recover more quickly after the birth.

Pilates and Cancer

Treatment for cancer and other serious or prolonged illness has a tremendous impact on your body, not to mention the long period of inactivity most people will go through. Gentle Pilates practice relieves the ongoing effects of treatment and helps you recover your strength and flexibility after treatment ends.

Pilates for Staying Young

As we age, it becomes even more important to stay strong and mobile. Maintaining a strong core and doing exercises that challenge stability helps to prevent falls and injuries. Keeping up bone strength and flexibility means you can keep doing all the things you enjoy without worrying.