Pilates for Scoliosis

* Reduced pain

* Better respiratory function

* Improved posture

* Greater mobililty

* Reduced severity of curves

An Exercise Program for Scoliosis, with the UK's only Authorized ScolioPilates™ Expert

Scoliosis is traditionally managed only with observation, bracing or surgery. The ScolioPilates™ method adds tremendous value in strengthening the musculature that supports the spine. Carefully designed exercises stretch, strengthen and rebalance the muscles, relieving tension and greatly reducing the impact of spinal curvature.

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Visiting Assessments
Pilates instructors or other therapists may bring a client for a one-time full assessment and program development.

- Copies of all notes and assessments
- Time to learn the scolio-wedging setup for the client
- A personalised studio or matwork program for the client

Cost: £110

Scolio-Pilates Book

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