"I had no idea how much cancer treatment had weakened and stiffened my body until I had my first Pilates session and could barely do anything without having cramp and pain. I felt as though I would never be fit again. But now, after 6 sessions with Diane, and the exercises she taught me to do, I am stronger and straighter, and my body is starting to feel like my friend again. I now find it easier to do a normal day's activity, and am strong enough to do a regular yoga class again. Diane has gone out of her way to learn about working with breast cancer patients and really understands what the challenges of returning to wellness can be. Working with Diane has been a crucial part of the shift from patient back to person and I cannot recommend her, and Pilates, highly enough." - Stephanie Butland, Author

"[After my ScolioPilates sessions] I now sit straighter and am aware of where my spine is. Also am flexible where I was inflexible in my shoulder blades. Am aware of core stomach muscles in a way I never experienced and in some exercises my bronchial tubes actually ‘unstick’ and oxygen comes through. Also rotator cuff is healed." - Pat Kaufmann, Sculptor

"I have learnt a great deal from you about my back and keeping good alignment. There are lots of little things that I am doing – like the cushion underneath my left sit bone – to keep good posture and alignment and I am now starting to incorporate the use of the wedge into my matwork classes (more as a client than teacher). My awareness of my body has grown over the course of the sessions and I am extremely grateful to have had this chance to review my body, back, alignment and posture now, some 9 years post surgery." - Liesl Watt, Pilates Instructor

"After experiencing back pain during and after my first two pregnancies, I practiced Pilates with Diane in my third pregnancy. Diane helped me to strengthen my back and core muscles, avoid my old back problems and recover my stomach muscles after the birth!" - Florence, Mother of three

"Pilates has been great during my pregnancy, it has filled the gap that being less able to do aerobic exercise has created, and it has been far more fun! My back was beginning to suffer under my new little load but a weekly studio lesson followed by practice at home has without a doubt given me more core strength, better posture and a trouble free back. I even hope that it will keep other potentially wobbly bits in check too!" - Sarah Kemp, Realtor

"Thanks so much for all your guidance, I can feel it working already!" - Camilla Stafford, Student

"I started working with Diane 1:1 on the reformer machine a couple of months ago. When I started, my posture was all over the place and I was weak from massive lack of exercise. Working with reformer was rather intimidating at first, but I quickly got over my fear and learnt to enjoy it. Diane is highly attentive to my needs and all her lessons feel incredibly personalised. The benefits must've shown on my body because my friends have been commenting on how much fitter and more toned I look!" - Yuvee, Systems Operator

“Diane is an excellent pilates instructor who I have visited for over 12 months. She has helped me enormously with balance and flexibility. I found her teaching perceptive and flexible and would recommend her to anyone with an interest in achieving challenging goals in a controlled and safe way.” Andrew Macdonald, Senior IT Developer